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Our organisation provides information on the engaging prospects of the Old Treasury City Museum, Melbourne. Melbourne is a place of rich stories and fabulous interactions. Its administrative importance made it one of the hubs of ancient history. It is a place of archives and artefacts. To make it easier for you to navigate these depths, we enable you by giving vital information and updates on each subject of interest.

What the Museum Offers

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Because the world has evolved greatly, it may not be all too easy for people to derive the feel from reading books. Learning of it on paper is all right but seeing the past take on a lively, more engaging form is another. It may even take an extra burst of creativity to re-enact those images from books in your mind. However, by viewing it live at the museum, you can relate better through the active display of objects and characters
The museum serves a plethora of purposes, but foremost among them is its cultural significance. It is an ancient building where some of the most important events that happened in Melbourne are immortalised. By presenting these things to its citizens, the people now recognise Melbourne for what it is. They can imbibe its spirit better by familiarising with the way it used to be in the past.


At the Melbourne Museum, each event is tailored to give you the best experience possible. Our events are highly suited to diverse needs regardless of the ages. They serve to guarantee you all the flavours you are entitled to, especially as it is the closing period of the year. There is never a lack of intense encounters at the museum; visitors are always keen on coming back for more.


Group Tours

While you might be very eager to get into the museum and take its offers in gulps, you will also need a lot of help to get around. And certainly, you will need help to learn each story too. The building is huge and filled with its share of amazing secrets. For you to be able to document easily, there is staff available to take you around the place.
The old Treasury building was first completed in 1862. Relying on Renaissance Revival architectural norms in Australia, it was designed by a John James Clark, a nineteen-year-old architect. This building is still rated as one of the finest designs of public buildings in the country. It occupies a strategic location that visitors have not been sparing in remarking nicely upon. A team from within the city provides direct transport to its doors. It removes the stress of navigation as it is very easy to find.

Old Treasury Building

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