History is our connection to the past. It is the unseen chain that binds us to what has gone before. You could also regard it as some alarm; it reminds us that an action may have dire effects if treated the same way that it was in the past. For us at our organisation, we consider the preservation of history as vital to our daily existence. We are a body of people who are committed to preserving the old symbols of the past. We built ourselves with a deep, emotional love for all things old. But knowing that our life is best felt when we put it to a cause, we dedicated it to bringing attention to important sites of history. We create immense, entertaining awareness that can equally empower people with knowledge of Australia’s rich past, its cultures, and its ancient national character. Some of these things exist among us today. They are in the form of physical structures and objects. They are the indicators of the things that went before. These structures were of value to those who oversaw them. And this is where we come in.

Our Services

Our organisation provides information on the engaging prospects of the Old Treasury City Museum, Melbourne. Melbourne is a place of rich stories and fabulous interactions. Its administrative importance made it one of the hubs of ancient history. It is a place of archives and artefacts. To make it easier for you to navigate these depths, we enable you by giving vital information and updates on each subject of interest. We do this in a manner that has you as its focus. That you may derive the full suite of benefits of visiting Melbourne, we secure your interests with wonderful insights.

Our Mission

To us, the world is a vast place of hidden secrets. Some of them are no longer secrets because we know them now. Others are still ensconced far from popular view. But the ones we know are still not known by everyone. It is a robust body of knowledge that people are curious enough to acquire but do not know where to find it. This is why we have decided to assist by revealing an enormous, space-consuming centre of Australian knowledge — the Old Treasury City Museum right here in Melbourne. We desire that its depths become as familiar as a first name to the people within and without Australia. Knowledge transmission is important, and we have chosen that for a task.

Our Vision

Our vision is traversing a long but smooth road. We look towards a future where the past lying in the museum is something that everyone is acquainted with. We look forward to an ecosystem where knowledge about the Treasury is at everyone's fingertips.

Our Values

The history books we have today are the delivery of a duty that some people took upon themselves. They saved for us that which is important to survival by recording everything they learned in their time. We share similar interests with these people. We view the maintenance of this vast information as crucial to the delivery of our service.

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