Country and Corona: How to Reduce the Spread

The policy of every nation revolves around one centrepiece — the protection of the lives and property of its citizens. This is the sacred duty that has been entrusted to every government. An inability to carry out the task even after much trust has been invested causes a setback in the relationship between government and the people. Yet, in a bid to ensure that citizens are given the full measure of service that they expect to get, sacrifices are mandatory. And against the scourge of a deadly virus, it becomes even more so.
The blaze of the novel coronavirus, alternatively known as Covid-19, has spread far and wide, to every corner of the world. The havoc it wreaks is one of the previously unimaginable magnitudes. People have been forced to shut themselves in to avoid contracting the virus. The immediate impact of this is that the economy is affected at large. This is because of the trite knowledge that human hands are the conductors of business. It is human beings that flock the streets every day doing productive things that add value to their personal lives and the towering national economy in the long term. Trailing closely behind the closing of many businesses, therefore is a recession due to contracting scales of participation in economic activities. Lives are impacted due to this. Yet, it must be maintained that survival is of utmost importance in this season of the disease. Australia has mostly been spared the worst of the virus thanks to the rapid efforts of the government and concerned staff. At the risk of their own lives, they struggled daily to put the scourge in check. It is also by the work of their able hands that many people Australia feel safer today. Their efforts can never be fully appreciated because of its immense nature. However, they can still be rewarded by every person. As patriotic citizens committed to the well-being of their country, Australians must respond in kind by abiding by every safety protocol that has been put in place. This has ripple effects on the nation as a whole. It also reduces the pressure on facilities of governance. By practising social distancing while on a tour of the museum, you can save hospitals from being overloaded with new cases. Health workers can get a much-needed air of reprieve from racing to check spikes in case figures. This is something whose effects cannot be overstated; it directly infers that less revenue now has to be expended on fire health needs. These finances can be redirected to other economic sectors that have taken a massive hit and need revival. In the long run, our country slowly but steadily recovers from the shock of the virus. We can now return to the position we were before it struck. Moreover, the personal benefits of observing safety rules are replete with results. Keeping a safe distance from other people means that you can escape the troubles of the virus. Having a normal fever is bad, but having one that poses severe risks is just more than a person should afford—your welfare concerning COVID-19 impacts the welfare of other people. By staying away from unnecessary contact, you safeguard people from getting infected. Others, such as the old and people with underlying health conditions also have their lives protected by simple obedience of rules.
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