The Importance of Education

The mind that is learned is the free mind. In a world that is fast-paced but still full of biases, people must be equipped with knowledge. The huge returns of education are multiple-fold; it is the key that unlocks progress in any society. Education here is not merely defined as the acquisition of classroom-based knowledge; it ranges across diverse human experiences. These are central to putting a person in a position where he can be what he desires and what he does not, what he feels would compromise him and what wouldn’t.

Education saves an individual the pain of making mistakes. This is done through its medium of liberation through information. When people are armed with a full suite of information, they now know the courses of action that are available to them. They can see things through an all-round lens. It is through it that they can determine what is black or white and that which is merely a splotch of grey.

Making mistakes when there was a wealth of information available can negatively impact a person’s social standing and his regard of himself. This is especially when the mistake committed is one that pertains to very important actions that affect a person’s or other people’s lives. Education is, therefore, a rescuer from the dangers of errors.

Furthermore, enlightenment is crucial to understanding the relevance of a particular occurrence, why certain things take place the way they do. It liberates the mind from pondering intensely over things it would otherwise have found difficult to grasp. This is one way to save time. The individual can make quicker and more effective decisions. The period spent in though is now optimised as it has been converted to one of action.

Following from this, one might also point out that educating oneself provides a ready means of escape. It defers dire consequences of not doing something and enables the person to see an array of opportunities that lie in getting it done. For instance, a pursuit of conserving the environment or protecting biodiversity might seem irrelevant until a person understands the scientific results that not doing so may have.

Why the Treasury Building is a Means of Education

The museum serves a plethora of purposes, but foremost among them is its cultural significance. It is an ancient building where some of the most important events that happened in Melbourne are immortalised. By presenting these things to its citizens, the people now recognise Melbourne for what it is. They can imbibe its spirit better by familiarising with the way it used to be in the past. It offers the practical purpose of academic research; students and experts alike can visit to seek fresh insights about a particular study. It clears up doubts and defeats arguments. This results in the dual benefits of even extending the knowledge of other people about Melbourne. It's rich; bubbling history is documented in new dimensions. Understanding is also gained from considering the dynamics of the stories.

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