Old Treasury Building

The History

Melbourne is enriched with a fascinating history. Between stories and gold, we cannot say which one it has more. The people are amazing, and they have a lot of life which they transmit into the city. The ambience is easy, and things proceed at a much easy pace. But at the epicentre of it all is the Gothic building at the end of Collins Street. Its enormous pillars bear the weight of over a century’s worth of history. It is here those insights into the city and parts of Australian history lie. It bears a huge historical significance, and it is widely regarded as one of the spots to understand how the country evolved over the ages.

A particularly interesting piece of information about this place is its ties to Australia’s gold strike. Although it relates to Melbourne for the most part, it tells of the discovery of a key trade prospect for Australia. Gold is even now still a major element of the Australian economy and employs thousands who exploit its vast opportunities.

The old Treasury building was first completed in 1862. Relying on Renaissance Revival architectural norms in Australia, it was designed by a John James Clark, a nineteen-year-old architect. This building is still rated as one of the finest designs of public buildings in the country.

It occupies a strategic location that visitors have not been sparing in remarking nicely upon. A team from within the city provides direct transport to its doors. It removes the stress of navigation as it is very easy to find.

This building occupied a position of administrative importance in Melbourne. It was the place where the Victorian government ran a lot of its activities. Government offices and personnel stood here, and they oversaw the effective dispensation of duties in the city. Some landmark decisions concerning Melbourne also got fabricated within its depths. Deals were sealed on gold and record best tell those tales. The office of the Victorian government once stood in the building.

Other departments also conducted their businesses here. Thus highlights the political significance of the old Treasury building. It was one place where people could go to get their matters dealt with. Usually, it bustled with the measured noise of working for office staff until it later got converted in 1992 to become a museum which the public could access.

It’s designation as ‘ old Treasury building’ stems from none other than the fact that this is where a lot of Australian gold got stored. The quant of gold stored here was so huge that the galleries today make exhibitions centred in the treasure that lay in Melbourne’s soil.

It was a great source of wealth to the city. People came from all over to take advantage of the immense prospects that this wonderful city had. Businesses sprang from the mining activities in the city. The building is indeed one structure that has built many others in Melbourne today.

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